The Kouga Art Society

“To promote art awareness and appreciation as well as art in all its formats in the Kouga area”.

With the large number of artists, professional and amateur, in the larger Kouga area, it was with the inspiration of some of the Gallery owners, to invite the artist community to the first meeting on the 7th of March, 2020. .. to discuss the formation of a more formal structure to support artists. The meeting was attended by more than 40 artists, with apologies from another 15, giving the meeting a substantial support base from the word Go! The decision to form an Art Society for Artists and Galleries, was agree to and the KOUGA ART SOCIETY (KAS) was formed with an executive committee elected to drive the ambitious projects into the local community.The KAS set itself the goal, which was supported by the quorum of artists in the meeting

Artists of the Kouga region have already provided KAS with contact details, including their areas of focus, air brush, oils, water colour, pastels, acrylics, pen/pencil drawing photography, mixed media, metal works, sculpture, glass works, fibre glass works and fabric art. From this can be seen that the Kouga region has been blessed with some significant talents combined with a holiday destination for local and international visitors.

Artists are already exhibiting their precious and talented creations in multiple galleries, shops and restaurants within the Kouga area. Some of the galleries have taken a keen interest in the creation of the KAS and are eager to expand their offerings to the artists.