I have been drawing / sketching since early childhood. At some stage was introduced to various art forms, but I would think that I am self taught. A year after leaving school, I joined the Cape Town Art Centre, where I received an introduction to various art forms. At heart I am a surfer, living in Jeffreys Bay. After more than 50 years of surfing I wanted to give a visual reflection of my experiences in and around the surfing world.  I do most of my work in acrylics and am motivated by the bright colours of  South African sun, surf and beaches. My genre is Sea Scapes and I present these in a Modern style. I have exhibited my works at Palette Art Gallery for more than 20 years.  I am committed to my art  which lifts me up.

My interest as an artist developed from an early age drawing and experiencing he bright colours of the ocean and skies.
I concentrate on painting  Sea scapes and surfing scenes.
The mediums I enjoy most are acrylics
My inspiration comes from  the ocean with its changing moods and the energy of crashing waves breaking onto the shoreline.
My exhibitions have been at Palette Art Gallery in Jeffreysbay.