I am a Contemporary Craft man, but I’m passionate about all the arts.

I LIVE for the making process! I’m into diversity, detail, deep conceptual insight and the decorative arts. My ideas are sculptural and eclectic. I love all the elements of design, and I try to answer the question:” What is Art?”. I was born in Rustenburg and grew up in Pretoria. I followed my wife to the UK in 2002 and returned three years ago to the beautiful Jeffreys Bay. My Mother and Grandfather on my Dads side were both artists and inspired me at a young age. I was taught at university level by a friend of my mother and made my first oil painting at age ten. I just sailed through art school High School at Pro Arte / Alphen Park in Pretoria. I majored in design sculpture and painting and got an A+ for design in matric. I received a first-class BA Honors degree in Contemporary Craft while in the UK. I majored in resin art: small-scale sculpture relating to the body. In 2009 I did a solo exhibition called ‘Truth Agender’ in a London exhibition space called Departure. The director, Stuart Currie, invited me. He also commissioned me to do ten acrylic children’s paintings in Pop Art style that ended up being around twenty paintings! I’ve done a few other exhibitions and my work is currently up in Palette Art Gallery in Jefferey’s Bay and other outlets.

What things inspire you to create art?
God!!!!! In the feature film “Charriots of Fire” the athlete sais he loves to run and that when he runs he feels His (God’s) Good Pleasure. It’s the same with me when I am making. God is the creator of the universe, I am His son and so when I’m making, I’m taking after Him. I get inspiration from finding all the elements of design in other works of art, in nature and thru my photography which is an ongoing habit. I love meeting new artists on Instagram all the time and am fairly active on social media. I find a whole bunch of inspiration from there too. I’ve been priveleged to have a long and quality education and so i have developed good habits of drawing inspiration fron there as well.

What exhibitions have you had?
• Resin Hand-held jewelry at the Young Designers Crafts Council UK
• Solo Mixed Media Exhibition at Departure London City Mission Centre
• Gospel Pop Art Exhibition at New Wine Venue UK
• Acrylic Paintings were chosen for the Winter Life Exhibition at The Studio Art Gallery in Simonstown
• Various markets and shopping outlets

Have you sold any of your artworks? How?
• Received three commissions at the Young Designers Exhibition
• Sold a number of artworks at the New Wine Exhibition
• Word of Mouth sales
• Home Exhibition sales

Outlet Sales: The Happy Budah JBay and Azurro Clothing JBay