My interest as an artist developed from a general fascination with the aesthetic dimension of human existence. As a teacher of literature and a writer of poetry and stories, I became interested in other art forms because the basic principles underlying different forms of art and media are often quite similar. I loved making drawings since childhood, but 26 years ago I decided to formally try my hand at drawing, painting and even a little sculpting. I then joined the Studio Visio school of art in Potchefstroom and studied under the supervision of Barend Grobbelaar.

I do not really concentrate on one specific type of painting. Previously I have done many landscapes, but I have also done some conceptual paintings. During the lockdown I made a series of still-life paintings in water colours which I found extremely satisfying.

The mediums I enjoy most are water colours and oils and my inspiration comes from different sources. I think that beauty in whatever form is essential for any human being. I consider beauty as the result of the creative process in which the ordinary is transformed into something extraordinary and I always to try to achieve this. Painting is one of the ways in which I try to make the world a better place.

It is wonderful to think that what I have painted can also be liked or loved by other people and that they would like to have it in their homes. Thus, I would like to have my art available on online platforms, be present at art shows, have my works exhibited in galleries.  I spend many hours to complete an oil painting, sometimes as much as 10 hours altogether and though water colours take less time they require as much commitment and focus. Even though I am committed to my art I do art for the enjoyment thereof and the ability to share my views with the art enthusiast and fellow artists.