I am an artist who developed my techniques over the years  and enjoy being creative and am motivated to be an active artist by indulging in giving Art courses for budding artists in the Kouga area. I create art which are unique and which people would like to have in their homes.  Thus, I would like to have my art available for exhibitions and have my works exhibited in Galleries.  I spend about 10 hours on a painting where I enjoy the vibrant colours and varying techniques of using Oils.  Even though I am committed to my art I do art for the enjoyment thereof and the ability to share my views with the art enthusiast and fellow artists.

My interest as an artist developed from ….. school days, as I was asked to help paint the décor and backdrops of plays
I concentrate on painting  … people and places
The mediums I enjoy most are … oils
and my inspiration comes from .. artists whom I admire and the beautiful surroundings we live in.