I am an art lover and have spent many years in the corporate world in marketing and management,always longing to expand my artistic yearnings. I indulged into painting under Frans Cronje and other artists to develop a style which tries to present the emotions of a spirit filled father and grand father. Thus, my work captures what is in the heart rather than the brush strokes on the canvas. My dream is that the viewer will experience this lingering moment of destiny when viewing and enjoying my paintings.

Primary Creative Style:           Emotional Figures and Scenes

Mediums you prefer:               Acrylics Multi Media

What things inspire you to create art?

All events in my life which require a pondering mind, to try and distill a reason or a consequence due to such an event. (as an example; I still have all the newspapers from May 1994, highlighting the inauguration of President Nelson Mandela). I often use some of these items in paintings.