I am a professional artist and have been active in the South African art world for more than 40 years. I studied Art locally and attended significant workshops under various local and international artists. I delivered quite a lot of workshops all over the country and Namibia, and still teach art weekly.

My passion has been “Creative Art” and have been in the Art business since 1984, doing exhibitions in South Africa, Namibia, England and Canada. Currently, I run an Art Gallery providing Art Supplies and a professional Framing business at the Fountains Mall in Jeffreys Bay.

My art varies significantly and includes figures, landscapes, still life compositions, flowers and wildlife. I have created a lot of art over the years, which have found homes in South Africa, Namibia, England, Germany, Belgium, America and Canada.

I love the vibrancy of light and colour and always like to portray my feelings in my artworks.

I am forever grateful to my Creator forgiving me the gift and talent of art and teaching. There is nothing so fulfilling as a student who creates his or her own work after doing some classes or workshops with me.

What things inspire you to create art:  Everything in nature as well as the human being, animals and life around us.

What exhibitions have you had:  I had one man exhibitions in the past at Alice Art Gallery, England and Canada and numerous combined exhibitions all over the country and Namibia.


Have you sold any of your artworks? How:  Yes, many works through exhibitions and commissions.