I am a self taught artist, being creative since an early age is part of who I am. My family is quite artistic. Experimenting with different mediums, to me there is no rule in being creative and combine different mediums. Cement, wood, paint, glass.
Started out with water colour and later on I moved on to oil painting. I love texture and paint techniques.
Several of my artwork and crafts has been commissioned by Erika for Enkosi Kakhulu to Holland. I moved from Jeffreys Bay to Kareedouw in 2015. The art furniture became a big part of my creative time and is very satisfying to see when a customer is happy with the end result. The best part of being an artist is that I never ever get bored.

What things inspire you to create art?
Anything which has a link to natural elements

What exhibitions have you had?
Uptown Theatre Port Elizabeth
Charlie Chapman Black and White portraits

Have you sold any of your artworks? How?
Yes, randomly to people I know and through an agent