Creativity is the driving force in my life. My work is deeply personal, fragile, thinking and feeling. Knowledge and Revelation. My art reflects different phases in my life. Where I have used life drawings, my love of the human body, through charcoal drawings, mixed media. The ballet dancers show my love of ballet which I have been involved in for 20 years. My work tells its own story.
I have spent hours drawing the human body with Charcoal, graphite, liquid charcoal and conte. Most of my work is 1 meter by half a metre.
I love to record “distilled moments in time“.
I studied at the fine Art at Kwazulu Natal University Technikon from 1980 to 1983. I studied under advanced drawing classes in Natal for 12 years under Jeanette Gilks.What things inspire you to create art:  The human body and ballet

What exhibitions have you had:  At commercial locations, Gateway and St Mary’s school Kwazulu Natal, Mr Pells accommodation in Jeffries Bay, Palette Art. A Ballerina exhibition at Victory Church and at Sashas studio in St Francis bay.

Have you sold any of your artworks? How:  Yes, many commissions; some highlights were to draw: Robert Du Preez (Springbok Captain), Durban boys old school frontage, RCI The holiday club.