Stephen Bibb, Painter, Illustrator, Designer. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, in the 60s, and currently living in Jeffreys Bay. I’ve been an ocean-related painter from the very beginning. Surfing the perfect waves of Jeffreys Bay has inspired me to paint waves, whales, dolphins and all ‘salt-water stuff’ from the moment I could wield an airbrush. Painting mostly in acrylic using the airbrush (magic wand) I also illustrate children’s books when the opportunity arises. I enjoy painting on large scale and public murals are a favourite method of expressing to a wider audience. Love and GratitudeA short description of your path towards creating your art::
My interest as an artist developed from an early age being inspired by the ocean, its beauty and power.

I concentrate on painting acrylic and airbrush work.

The mediums I enjoy most are acrylic and my inspiration comes from the sea and Surfing.