We are a small group of artists, driven towards achieving our goals and focused on the expansion of art within the community. We are all founding members with particular skills and backgrounds which allow us to work together in a unique way. What brought us together was a shared vision for our society, galleries, artists, culture and community.


A Kouga Art Society has been a point of discussion amongst artists and gallery owners for a long time. Finally, in 2020 the artist community, congregated to discuss such a society, which was duly formed by the artists. The Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay area have a large contingent of amazing artists and very creative people who strive to uplift art which should become more visible and form a healthy part of the Kouga community.


The Society exists to provide the artists of the Kouga area with a platform and a unified voice for the nurturing, promotion and growth of the arts and to provide a vantage point for artists, supporters and audiences.

The Kouga Art Society positioned itself as a club or association, is a non-profit structure to further the growth of its membership, expand artist activities, build capabilities and strengthen a community spirit.


1. Promote the collective voice of artists and the arts within our community
2. Contribute to arts education and build capabilities
3. Expand artists activities into the community
4. Collaborate with all members of society to enhance the artist community

Mike Jansen – Chairperson
Mike has been a Business Development Executive in the Information Technology and Finance Industry, with more than 3 decades of consulting and management experience. He focused on helping organizations, develop strategic plans towards new business models and helped with the implementation actions thereof.
He has worked extensively nationally and internationally with the migration of organisation structures and re-engineering processes to meet the changing demands of the economic environment. Mike has been involved with the art world for most of his life and is an active leader within his church community in Jeffreys Bay. He holds an MBA from the University of the Witwatersrand and an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Port Elizabeth.

Petra Stiglingh - Treasurer
Petra Stiglingh is a professional artist with more than 40 years experience in water colour, acrylics, oils and pastel. She did a lot of teaching over the years doing workshops all over South Africa and Namibia including private art classes.
She did a few one man exhibitions in South Africa, England and Canada. She participated in numerous combined exhibitions in South Africa and Namibia. Her creations have found places of prominence in homes in England, Germany, Belgium, America and Canada. Her work is mainly impressionistic and she loves bright colours expressing the beauty of nature and the human body and soul. To be an artist is the greatest gift one could get out of the hand of our great Creator. Petra likes to share her knowledge with everybody.
Petra has been in the Art business since 1984 arranging art exhibitions and selling art of a variety of different artists . She is the owner of Petra Stiglingh Art Gallery in Jeffreys Bay, presenting the artist and art materials to the community.

Agnesse Scott - Secretary
Agnesse was born in Pretoria in the late 60's into a home of artists. Her father who passed away in 2019, was a fine artist and her mother was a potter. After school she studied fine arts at the University of Pretoria and became an art teacher for 6 years at Waterkloof High school in Pretoria, followed by a year at Pro Arte art school.
Driven by a passion to be more independent she in 1995, started her own business, African Heritage Ethnicoats. Here she specialized in cement paint finishes for internal and external uses for about 15 years. With this knowledge she went back into the educational field, developing programmes for primary schools which combined Maths in Art as a teaching skill. (CPA- Concrete , pictorial ,abstract).

Hannele Viljoen - Legal and Compliance
Hannelé Viljoen holds qualifications in Business Management, Project Management and Law with over 25 years’ practical experience in commercial and business management.
Art is her escape from the concrete world where she can freely express a sense of emotion on paper, and in some radical way connect with the viewers of her art. Her work reflects a search for reconciliation of one’s spirituality, by the use of Chiaroscuro, where three-dimensional volume is suggested by the value gradation of colour and the analytical division of light and shadow.

Stephen Bibb - Membership
Stephen is a Painter, Illustrator, Designer. Born in Cape Town, South Africa in the 60s, studied fine art and graphics at the Tech in Cape Town. He indulged himself in print-making, way more than painting due to the fact that his chosen tool, the airbrush, was severely frowned upon. In 1985 he left for the USA .
Upon his return to J-Bay he got back into surf-art, completed commissions of whales, dolphins and undersea worlds, including his usual supertubes line-ups alternated with surf sessions at the greatest wave on earth. In 2005 his daughter was born and he started exploring more substantial art projects, like children furniture painting, farming in the wilderness area but needed to be close to the ocean. So having experienced living in the wild at the foot of the mountains, he moved back to the ocean and will pour his energy into creating Ocean Art. With a view to eventually establishing a gallery in Jeffreys Bay dedicated to the celebration of the beautiful SEA.

Leonie Meyer - Membership
Leonie loved art since a young age and studied Graphic Design at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. She worked as a graphic designer, amongst other for the Caxton media group, and taught visual arts for Grade 12. Leonie refined her oil painting skills under the tutorship of renowned artist, Kobus Lotz and developed a love for portrait studies. She recently moved to Jeffreys Bay, and is inspired by the movement and unique colours of the sea. She also possesses experience in pottery and landscape design. Leonie can share her experience in the visual arts and design coupled with her strong sense of community.

Luan Cloete - Membership
Luan is a young professional, with his roots in KwaZulu Natal and recently settled in Jeffreys Bay, after living in St Francis Bay for 8 years. He is a qualified Super Yachts Captain, delivered and chartered yachts for private clients, avid sportsman with his instructors qualifications in extreme sports, ITF Professional Tennis Coach, qualified teacher and private tutor for the past 6 years. Luan always knew art was at his centre, but he pushed it aside as a hobby. Now he is embracing his true self, as a multi-media artist, pursuing art as a full time career and establishing his own Company and Art Studio, to inspire everyone to become the best artists they can be.